Becca“My child has struggled with math and school, until he ran into Mrs. White. She slowed down his learning and showed him tips and tricks to process the math lessons. She retaught skills that he hadn’t previously mastered and kept him moving forward. It got to the point that he instead of dreading math, he looked forward to it. She cared enough to track not only his success but also his entire class over the course of his entire high school career. She showed him that teachers care. She taught him life skills. She went beyond all expectations time and again. My child has been blessed every day since he met Mrs. White.” ~ Rebecca Janes


A true master at the art of teaching and mathematics. Mrs. White provides a teaching Jesusexperience that is matched by few. My personal experience in having her as a teacher was phenomenal. She has knack for explaining important fundamentals in a simple manner while challenging students to improve themselves. With a very accommodating teaching style, Mrs. White is an excellent resource for students to utilize. She was wonderful as a teacher and will be as equally great as an online tutor.” ~ Jesus Flores-Padilla


Katrina2“I was fortunate enough to have Mrs. White as my teacher for sophomore, junior, AND senior year!  I took trigonometry/precalculus, AP Calculus I and AP Calculus II.  I actually looked forward to coming to class!!Math, even though I wasn’t the best at it, was my favorite subject in high school.  Mrs. White helped me with understanding how to break down math problems and solve them.  Before class, she would have motivational videos playing.  The videos always led me into class with a positive mindset.  She was always willing to slow down and clarify any questions and offered help after class.It was awesome to work with Mrs. White!  None of my math professors in college (and I’ve had A LOT) can compare to Mrs. White.  She’s the best math teacher I think anyone could have!” ~ Katrina Mesias


CameronMrs. White was by far one of my favorite teachers, because of her determination of success and obvious infatuation with the subject. She has a bar and will not lower it for anybody, only raise them up to meet and exceed both her standard and their own goals as a student. Mrs. White is always ready to do whatever it takes to ensure a student’s success and comprehension on the subject.~ Cameron Smith



“I was in Mrs. White’s geometry class in 2016.  I switched into her class halfway into the Destinysemester.   I was so far behind, but she helped me get caught up and showed me that math isn’t as hard as I thought it was.  I always thought I was bad at math and I would never pass, but she helped me overcome my fear and walked me through problems I struggled with. She never gave up on me. Working with Mrs. White was incredible! She really opened my eyes to the world of math.  She isn’t only a good teacher to have, she is also a good friend to have, too.  She will encourage you to be the best you can be because she believes in you.” ~ Destiny S.


Zarmish“I had Mrs. White for math for a couple of years. I only not loved her classes but the way she taught the concepts – math simply made sense in her class. Surprisingly, I had started looking forward to math classes because for the first time math seemed uncomplicated. I actually learned math in her classes, which has helped me immensely throughout my college years. Her math techniques continue to help me in my graduate math classes as well. I appreciate her so much. Thank you so much Mrs. White.” ~ Zarmish Tariq


 “Mrs. White was the best math teacher I ever had! Stuff I never understood from many Adellaother teachers over the years became clear after meeting Mrs. White! Within minutes! She never made me feel stupid for not understanding. She tailored her methods based on my learning style. I was never turned away when I had a question, and to this day, if I need help I contact Mrs. White and get the step by step help to solve the equation. I graduated almost 8 years ago and still remember about 90% of what I learned.” ~ Adella Puentes