Tutoring Policies

Session Info:

  • Online sessions are 45 minutes maximum.
  • Sessions are scheduled once a week, prepaid four sessions at a time. Additional sessions can be scheduled upon request. If there would be five sessions in a month (i.e. five Tuesdays in a particular month), the fifth session is free.


24 Hour Cancellation Policy:

  • I require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for cancelled lessons. If you provide sufficient notice, I will offer a mutually agreeable make-up lesson time. Every effort will be made to complete the makeup lesson within 7 days of the original lesson.
  • If you provide less than 24 hours’ notice, or in the case of a no-show for a lesson, you will be responsible for paying the lesson fee.



  • Parents are invited to stay for the first 1-2 tutoring sessions. Beyond that, it is preferable for the student to work with me independently while parents are in another room. Students tend to be more comfortable and productive working with me without a parent in the immediate area.
  • Lessons will be designed specifically for your student in a sequence that will allow them to learn material slightly ahead of when their classroom teacher will present it. This approach is designed to diagnose and close any learning gaps before your student will be graded on that topic.  Time will be reserved for homework support as well.
  • Student participation in sessions will include working problems, asking and answering questions, etc. Student participation is an essential part of successful tutoring.
  • Follow-up work from sessions may include watching an assigned math video or a few practice problems if there is a skill that needs to be reinforced, but anything I assign is not a priority over school assignments.



  • After the initial consultation, when a regular schedule of tutoring for the month is established, I require payment online for the month before the first lesson of the month. I will provide a link to set up auto payments, which can be cancelled by you at any time if you choose not to continue lessons.


In Case of Technical Difficulties:

  • The primary tool I use for online tutoring sessions is Zoom. It allows for audio and video conferencing as well as screen sharing. It is available as a free download for PC, Android or Apple.
  • In the case of an internet outage or other technical difficulties on either my part or the student’s, we will determine whether it is best to use a substitute online tool (Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc.), meet via phone, or reschedule the session. These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis, depending on the age and needs of the student and the content planned.


When we begin working together, I’ll send you this document.  Please review and save these policies.  Questions?  Email TammyWhite@OnlineGeometryTutor.com