Why do you teach online?

When I needed to improve as a bodybuilder,  I knew how I wanted to be coached and no one in my area fit the bill.  The coach who was the best fit for me lived in a different part of the country.  We’ve been working online for over four years.

Now, because of new interactive technology, you can choose the best math tutor for your child,  instead of choosing the closest tutor in your area.


Kids learned math best when they have frequent, one-on-one interactions with the teacher.  My students who previously struggled, began to excel.

Working with students online personalizes and individualizes the lesson to the learner – which is the most efficient method for closing any learning gaps from previous math classes.  Working online as a tutor, I have access to the Internet when I need to resource for your child – I am not limited to printed materials.

Plus, it’s fun and engaging.

Teaching online makes also makes it easy and convenient for parents to get that  personalized help for their child without leaving home.

Working with a certified, experienced math tutor also provides another layer of accountability and support for your child in their class at school.  This is the same reason why many people work with a personal trainer at the gym – those weekly appointments with someone who wants you to be successful helps keep a person on track.