When should I get a tutor for my teen?

“I’ve never gotten a 100% on quiz before, Mrs. White” Robert, 10th grade

Tutoring is most effective if started early in the semester.  If new material is not learned, or worse – learned incorrectly – that’s going to cause an avalanche of frustration and low scores.

Working with me means you have an experienced and patient private teacher for your teen. 

  • I pre-teach topics to make learning easier.
  • Offer homework support.
  • Help with organization and accountability if that’s needed.
  • Help foster a growth mindset, address fear to try from fear of failure, and build academic confidence.
  • With your permission, I will communicate with their math teacher, too, so that I can make sure what I’m doing supports what they are doing in the classroom.

 Most less-experienced tutors only offer homework support. 

Grades are based on earned points.  If your teen starts out strong, it’s easier to keep a grade up.  It is much harder to raise a low grade at the end of the semester. 

While working with a tutor will help a student prepare for a final exam, and learning gaps will be addressed and closed, if they have missed a lot of material, a semester cannot be retaught by a tutor in just a few sessions. 

It’s also not possible to go back in time to earn points missed during the semester.

So, the short answer to “when?” is as soon as possible.  I’d rather work with your teen to make sure they are getting off to a good start so they may not need to work with me at the end of the semester.