What are your rates?

My tutoring program is set up as a monthly subscription of  $300 per month. 

We will work once a week, so most months will have four lessons, some months will have five lessons. 

The subscription will be set up on auto pay for convenience.  When your teen is ready to work on their own without me (which is always my goal as a teacher), just stop the subscription in the parent portal online.

My credentials and experience have shown that this is a reasonable rate to charge.

Because I am also a bodybuilder and nutrition coach, I approach math tutoring a little differently – I am a personal coach for mathematics!  

A less experienced tutor (or less experienced teacher) can tell someone the steps for how they would do a problem, but they may not be able to do it more than one way, may not be able to understand why your child doesn’t “get it”, and the tutor may become frustrated because they don’t have many tools in their teaching toolbox.  

A less experienced tutor will not be able to help a teen develop a growth mindset about what they are capable of doing.  Building confidence is crucial with someone who hasn’t had the same level of success in math that they have had in other areas.

While I will do homework support, parents work with me because they want more than that for their teen.

I’m a private, professional teacher that specializes in finding and closing learning gaps.

  • Decades of classroom experience
  • Years of continuing formal education
  • Evolved my practice based on current research about…
    •  learning styles
    • alternative teaching strategies
    • mathematical mindsets
  • Experience teaching all levels of math and working with all ability levels of students


You need someone who can assess strengths, close learning gaps, and adapt to your student’s unique learning style

And you need that to happen with someone who is patient, kind, empathetic, and has a sense of humor.  (Not many adults choose to spend their lives teaching math to teenagers – it’s a niche.)


That is why my students used to called me their “Math Coach”.  

May 31   

If you are looking for the fastest and most effective solution available, working with me is the best option.