Do you offer homework support?

Yes, I will help with homework, but if your child is struggling, they need something in addition to homework support, which might be why you are looking for something other than what is available at your child’s school now.

Because of my experience, I have first-hand knowledge of math curriculum and will design lessons to pre-teach a topic, identify and reinforce prerequisite skills for that topic, and prepare your student to understand their teacher’s lesson before it is taught.  

After working with me online, when they are listening and taking notes in class, their understanding of the mathematics will be deeper.  They won’t get stuck on a small step because they will have already reviewed it with me ahead of time.  

Please also know that I may assign practice problems to be done between our sessions.  I won’t double up on the homework assigned by the current teacher, but it may be necessary to practice older skills that were not learned, or learned incorrectly.