Does Your Child Need Summer Tutoring Before Taking Geometry?

Many parents are setting up summer tutoring for their students between the algebra and geometry classes.

Summer Tutoring InfoGraphic

First year algebra is the foundation for the high school math curriculum.  Struggling students in first year algebra will continue to have difficulty unless there is a change in strategy to help them get caught up.

If your student failed algebra, they should take summer school to recover that credit. 

But keep this in mind – your school district’s priority for summer school is credit recovery, not skill attainment.

Because the primary goal is credit recovery, that summer school class might be designed to be easier to pass.

It’s likely that your expectations are higher than that.

Learning gaps created in algebra will become obstacles next year and beyond.  To ensure a student can be ready to learn new, more challenging skills, those gaps need to be found and closed.

If those gaps aren’t closed, the failure cycle could repeat.

Math anxiety may increase.

Eventually, a student will decide that it’s less stressful to not try because they are too far behind.

However, something different needs to happen to find and close learning gaps.

Other options to consider for this summer…

  • Use online sources or YouTube videos. Sites like Khan Academy have a lot of content.
  • Look for a jump start class. Many districts offer them for algebra.  Not many offer them for geometry.  I have a private Geometry Jump Start class offered online for a week this summer.
  • Set up 1-on-1 tutoring for your child to happen over the summer.


Does your child have a history of struggle in math class?  Do you suspect there are learning gaps holding them back?  Have you tried helping them yourself, or have an older sibling help, but it’s not working out?  Why not find out if online tutoring can help?  Set up a short, free consultation and let’s find out if I’m the right tutor for your child.

Thanks for reading!  Comments and suggestions are welcome!!  My goal for this blog is to provide you with content you need to help your child be successful in math class.

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