• Does your child struggle in math class?
  • Do they complain that the class moves on before they have learned a skill?
  • Are you frustrated because you know they can do it, but they are giving up?
  • Or, are you frustrated because the class isn’t challenging your child enough to keep them interested?

Your child CAN learn math!   But you need the RIGHT tutor.

I’ve spent 22 years working with kids of all abilities.  Kids who are bored in class and need to be challenged as well as kids who struggle and who tell me they “can’t learn math”.  I’m passionate about using geometry to close learning gaps from algebra and accelerate learning so they can get ahead and be ready for the demands of upper level work! 

Hi!  I’m Tammy White.  Nice to meet you!


Online, I can work with your child no matter where you live in the world.  (How does that work?  Read this.)

 The fastest, most efficient way for a child to learn mathematics is to work with qualified expert who can identify learning gaps, close those gaps, and then accelerate learning by adapting lessons to that child’s learning style preference.

Obviously, one reason why online tutoring is convenient is that your child can meet with me from any place they have internet access.  You won’t have another errand to run to keep that appointment.

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If the best tutor for your student doesn’t live in your city, or even your country, online tutoring gives you the flexibility to find that person and have them work with your child from anywhere in the world!   Private, online tutoring is a growing industry because busy parents appreciate the convenience and effectiveness of having access to that expert online.


Please visit my FAQ page, read the testimonials, and contact me if you have any general questions.  But if you’re ready to chat about how I can help your child, complete this short application and we’ll set up a quick, online meeting to talk about what’s going on now, future academic goals, and any questions you have about tutoring.